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Who Are We

Who we are; B Kimya was founded in 2002 by İbrahim AKKOÇ on the purpose of designing, manufacturing and trading the chemical materials needed in all areas of life, particularly the Textile Chemicals. By virtue of sustained principled policies, B Kimya has created an impact more than its scale. To be an irreplaceable, innovative and reliable company of the future is the only goal.

Our vision; Our customers are the reason for B Kimya İbrahim AKKOÇ's existence. Our indispensable goals are to be with our customers, which we accept as a friend and a stakeholder in every field of life, and to ensure that our customers are one step ahead of its competitors.

Our mission; is to be the first company springing to mind in the matter of Textile Chemicals and Dyestuff. is always to be more than a supplier, to be a friendly and reliable company for customers. is contributing to the high added value creation of the customers by selling the right products at real prices. is to become a company that is beneficial to humanity and respectful to nature. To attain these stages; we have aimed to contribute to the development of our employees.


Pretreatment Chemicals
Anti-creasing Agents
Combined Bleaching Agents
Peroxide Stabilizers
Scouring Agents
Sequestering Agents
Wetting and Washing Agents
Dyeing Auxiliary Chemicals
Anti-creasing Agents // Crease Inhibitors
Defoamers // Antifoaming Agents
Dispersing Agents
Dyeing Solvents
Leveling Agents
Machine Cleaner Soaps
Oxidizing Agents
pH Buffers (Acid and Alkali)
Reducing Agents
Sulphur Dyeing Auxiliaries
Egaline BF Series
Fbcer E 50
Fixing Agents
Leveling Agents
Oksigol BRI
Oxidizing Agents
Reducing Agents
Reductive Agent BD
Dyeing Auxiliaries
Antifoaming Agents
Antimigration Agents
Dispersing Agents
Wetting Agents
Finishing App. Chemicals
Antibac GN-2000 Series
Argosol FD 45
Fixing Agents
Fluorocarbon FLC Series
FormStabil B70
Grampol AR Series
Hydrophilic Silicon Siol HD240 Series
Macro Silicons Siol Mac 2230 Series
Micro Silicons Siol SD 1230 Series
Nano Silicons Siol Nano Series
Polymer PDA
Polymer SPE K109
Reapol K102 Series
Soft NON
Corrugated Cardboard Glue
Jamb Glues
Marley and Parquet Adhesives
Stationery Adhesive
Wallpaper and Carpet Adhesives
Coating Chemicals
Apretan HV
Coat RN 40
Coat W
Perkol K124
Polymer PDA
Polymer PU-ADR
Polymer SPE K109
Thickener RRT
Thickener RTK
Edge Stiffening Agents
AC 15 P Series
Akrisol K 104 Solvent Edge Stiffening
Perkol Series
PermaSol FD 990 Series
PoliVas ST17B
Reductive Chemicals
Decrol ZFS (Decrolin)
PolyRedüktan Agent BD
PolyRedüktan ERD
PolyRedüktan NW Liquid
Redüktan DDA
Rongal SFS (Rongalit C)
Sodium Hydrosulphite ( 74-90 %)
Sodium Methabisulphite ( Sodium Disulphite)
Sodium Thiosulphate
Oxidative Chemicals
32% Sodium Chlorite
Oksigol ARO Liquid
Oksigol BRI Liquid
Oksigol RS granule (Ludigol)
Sodium Bromate
Sodium Chlorate
Sodium Hydroxide
Sodium Iodate
Sodium Perchlorate
Sodium Persulphate
Diammonium Phosphate (DAP)
Naphthalene Sulphonate
Sodium Hexametha Phosphate (SHMP)
Sodium Tripoly Phosphate (STPP)
Isopropyl Alcohol IPA
Polyvinyl Alcohol P 1788 A
Polyethylene Glycol- PEG 400-1500
Polypropylene Glycol – PPG 400-1500
Food Chemicals
Ammonium Bicarbonate
Ammonium Carbonate
Citric Acid
Dextrose Monohydrate
Tartaric Acid
TriSodium Citrate
Chlorinated Solvents
Methylene Chloride
PerChloro Ethylene
TriChloro Ethylene


Acrilic Printing
Acid Donors
Paint Dissolvers / Paint Removers
Print Acid PA
Print DSA
Print ELT-V9
Reactive Printing
Addesente TW
Natural Thickener Print Algin
Oksigol ARO
Oksigol RS
Thickener RTK
Pigment Printing
Combined Auxiliary Systems
Fixer RR Series
Fixing Agents
Lofix Series
Low Temperature Fixing Agents
pH Regulators
Print PT
Printing Softeners
Sedef Patları
Siol Mac 2230 Series
Synthetic Thickener
Pigment Discharge
Decrol ZFS (Decrolin)
Discharge BE
Disperse Printing
Addesente TWS
Citric Acid
Natural Thickener
Oxidizing Agents
PolyPrint CMT 9
PolyPrint PES 6
PolyPrint RPA 60
PolyRedüktan ERD
Print AC 100 Guar unu
Print Acid PA
Print CE
Print RDP
Print THC 9D Tamarin Unu
Synthetic Thickener
Tartaric Acid
Devore Printing
Aluminium Sulphate
Dry Acid
Print AC 100 Guar unu
Print BG 100
Print HTS 80 B
Print R2
Print RDP 400
Print RDP New
Sodium Bisulphate
Indigo Discharge
Agent NTS
Discharge DG2 Ready to Use Discharge Paste
Redüktan DDA
Acid Printing
Acid Donors
Paint Dissolvers / Paint Removers
Print Acid PA
Print DSA
Print HT 80 B
Sulphur Printing Chemicals
Egaline BF liq
Oksigol BRI
PolyRedüktan ERD
PrintAlgin TR 100
Redüktan Agent BD C
Indantren Printing
Print CE
Print R 2
Print RDP
Rongal SFS (Rongalit C)
Direct Printing Chemicals
Fixer RR
Oksigol ARO
Print RDP
PrintSol DS
Polyster Devore
PolyPrint SNF 648


ColorEnd Acid/MK
ColorEnd Disperse
ColorEnd Dispers Black TRLS %200
ColorEnd Dispers Blue RSE Blue 183
ColorEnd Dispers Brillant Blue BGFN %200 Blue 60
ColorEnd Dispers Navy Blue 3RT Blue 148
ColorEnd Dispers Navy SBL %200 Blue 79
ColorEnd Dispers Orange 3RLS %150 Orange 80
ColorEnd Dispers Red S-2GFL %200 Red 167
ColorEnd Dispers Scarlet 2BLS %200 Red 74:1
ColorEnd Dispers Yellow 4 RL %200 Yellow 163
ColorEnd Dispers Yellow 6GSL %200 Yellow 114
ColorEnd Pigment
ColorEnd Reactive
ColorEnd Reaktif Black HN
ColorEnd Reaktif Black PB2N
ColorEnd Reaktif Black PGF
ColorEnd Reaktif Black PGR
ColorEnd Reaktif Blue P5R
ColorEnd Reaktif Brillant Blue P3R
ColorEnd Reaktif Brillant Orange P2R
ColorEnd Reaktif Golden Yellow Yellow P3R
ColorEnd Reaktif Red P3B
ColorEnd Reaktif Yellow P4G
ColorEnd Vat
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